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March 2024

Updated: May 8


March 1, 2024 is the beginning of KCCC registration process.  You can expect to receive your registration form for summer and fall 2024 in your email in-box by the end of the day on March 1st.  All registration forms for children currently attending Kids’ Campus are due Friday, March 8th.

  • The summer session will begin Tuesday, May 28th .

  • The fall session begins the Monday before Sweeny ISD begins school.

  • If you do not intend to remain enrolled, please let us know by marking the appropriate box and returning your form.

  • To remain enrolled, please attach your $55/per child non-refundable annual registration fee.

  • If you remove your child/children for the summer but enroll for fall you will pay the $55 registration fee plus the first week’s tuition of the class your child will be attending.

  • If you have another child you wish to enroll who is not currently attending Kids’ Campus, you should put him/her on our waiting list.

  • We will contact you later this month to let you know if we have any openings left.

  • We cannot register them at this time because we do not know what openings we will have until the current registration is complete.

  • If you have registered since January 1, 2024, please fill out and return the registration form, however, you DO NOT owe the registration fee.

*Every year we have children registered who end up not attending, even though we have held a spot all spring or summer.  I turn prospective customers away expecting your child’s attendance.  It is especially hard in the summer, when our expenses go up, to have children dis-enrolled after the session has started, or at the last minute before the summer starts.  Those positions are very hard to fill.  Thus, a non-refundable registration fee is charged.  We need you to commit to your registration agreements.  Please give it careful consideration. If you have any questions about registration, please call.

*As a reminder, if you enroll your child for the summer session ONLY, you are obligated to pay the FULL summer tuition, even if you decide services are not needed.



Spring Break is March 11th-15th. If you need all-day care during this time for your school-age child, we will add the charges to your Brightwheel account. You will receive the invoice the following week. Regular weekly tuition is due regardless of attendance.  Please pay in advance if you do not plan to attend, to avoid the late charge. You can also set up your Brightwheel account to have automatic withdrawals and you won’t have to try to remember if you are away. All school-age children will need to bring a sack lunch for the week.

March 28th is an early release day for Sweeny ISD and Ms. Rosy will adjust your account accordingly. 

March 29th is Good Friday. KCCC will be closed in observance of GOOD FRIDAY.



This year, each class will have an Easter Egg Hunt on Tuesday, March 26th.   Each child will need to bring 1 dozen plastic eggs filled with wrapped candy OR trinkets.  Parents, it would be most helpful to tape the eggs closed, some eggs tend to “pop” open when we are trying to hide them. You may send your child with a basket WITH HIS/HER NAME CLEARLY VISIBLE (please no “grass” or filler in the basket). 

If you don’t have a basket, KCCC has some to share.  Please have your eggs here no later than Friday the 23rd.  You are welcome to join us, we ask that you arrive on time because these egg hunts go very fast and are over before you know it.  The SugarBabies through the Sour Patch Kids will have their hunt starting with the younguns at 9:30. The Gummy Bears, MilkyWays, and Snickers will have their hunts starting at 2:30.



Kids’ Campus will have our spring staff enrichment/in-service day on Friday, March 22, 2024.  The center will be closed this day and I have hired Albert Wright with Wright One Training from Dallas to provide us with training for the day.  Check him out at  He is a phenomenal motivator who I have personally interacted with many times at conferences.  I am pleased to be offering his level of expertise to your teachers and I can’t wait to see what they learn and apply.  Thank you in advance for your understanding and support.



If your child has been sent home in Kids’ Campus clothes (they are labeled) please send them back ASAP. Shoes. We are also missing shoes. I think there may be a “Felicia” (LOL) because I find it hard to believe we have sent every extra pair of shoes we had home.  However, we have no extra shoes. So, if you have Kids’ Campus shoes or shoes your child no longer fits, please send them our way.  We do need them on occasion and would appreciate having them. Thank you in advance!

Panties and underwear are another item that seems to always be needed. 3T is the most common size needed, however, we will take anything you are willing to donate. Again, thank you in advance! 



Kids’ Campus would like to wish Happy Birthday to:


Birth Date


Addie Denham

March 1st

2 Years Old

Taytum Svoboda

March 1st

3 Years Old

Emerson Fountain

March 3rd

7 Years Old

Braden Darden

March 5th

6 Years Old

Liam Leonard

March 6th

3 Years Old

Jase Effenberger

March 6th

4 Years Old

Everett Brown

March 8th

3 Years Old

Corbin Anderson

March 20th

8 Years Old

Paisley Schneider

March 23rd

3 Years Old

Presley Schneider

March 23rd

3 Years Old

Ms. Sarah

March 24th


Ms. Rosy

March 27th


Royce Alston

March 28th

5 Years Old

Daylight Savings Time begins Sunday, March 10th. Spring forward and move your clocks ahead one hour!

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