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FAQ Section

Our Frequently Asked Questions page offers clear, concise answers to your most pressing inquiries, ensuring you have all the information you need about our childcare services, policies, and programs.

  • Are you licensed and accredited?
    We are licensed with the state of Texas and are considered entry level for the Texas Rising Star Program.
  • Do you offer part-time or full-time care?
    We offer both here at KCCC. Part-time is offered for 2-year-olds through Pre-k and the options are Tuesday-Thursday or Monday-Wednesday-Friday.
  • How do I enroll my child?
    We highly recommend families tour the center, meet that staff, and ask questions to make sure KCCC meets your needs. You will then be given an enrollment packet that will need to be completed and returned along with funds before your child’s first day of attendance.
  • Do you have a waiting list?
    Yes, we have a waiting list. There is no charge to be listed and the wait varies depending on availability and the age of care needed.
  • How do accommodate children with special needs?
    We welcome all children at all developmental levels. Each special need is accommodated on an individual basis.
  • What is your policy on discipline?
    The goal of discipline is to teach, not to punish. We use redirection, separation, removal from the classroom for a short period of time, and then notification with continued misbehavior.
  • How can parent’s support their child’s transition into your center?
    The best advice we give is to give your child two weeks to fully adjust to the change. When dropping off your child, please give your love, say your goodbye, and leave. The longer you stay, the harder it is on the both of you.
  • Do you have cameras?
    There is a camera in every classroom, the kitchen, and hallway. However, parents do not have access for viewing.
  • What holidays does your center close?
    KCCC closes on the traditional national holidays: New Year’s Day, Good Friday, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thursday and Friday for Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve and Day and a possible additional day at Christmas (depending on the day Christmas falls on). KCCC also closes one day in the fall semester and one day in the spring semester for staff enrichment/in-service days.
  • Do you offer any discounts? (e.g. sibling discount)
    KCCC does not offer discounts, however there are chances through the year to have the opportunity to win a week’s free tuition. (Employee New Hire Program, Parent Involvement opportunities, etc.)


Understanding the importance of choosing the right childcare, we invite you to schedule a tour today and witness firsthand the joyful learning experiences we offer. Discover our state-of-the-art facilities, meet our passionate educators, and see how we inspire every child to reach for the stars.


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