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APRIL 2024


KCCC staff would like to send out a HUGE thank you to our parents, grandparents, aunts, and uncles.  Our enrichment day was a much needed day of team bonding, fun, laughs, learning and a time of “keeping it real”!  Albert Wright is a phenomenal speaker and to have him come to the center and revive your teachers and staff and fill their cup with encouragement and knowledge was a GOD THING!  I didn’t know someone of his caliber was affordable on such a personal basis and I know each staff member was grateful for the time spent with him. 

So, parents, grandparents, aunts, and uncles, from the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU!  


I sent this message out on brightwheel last week and wanted to take a moment again to recognize some of my wonderful employees. 

January Employee of the Month – Ms. Ivette – Parents brag about her all the time!  The kids love her and are learning.  I don’t know how she does it, her class always seems calm. 

February Employee of the Month – Ms. Margarita – She has been designated as our “Master Teacher.”  A master teacher is our go to person for teacher training and all things Frog Street Curriculum.  This has made her step up and step out of her comfort zone and is doing an amazing job!

March Employee of the Month – Ms. Lisa G – Our COE mentor, Ms. April, has bragged about the changes in her classroom and her “jump in feet first” attitude with Frog Street.  Her kids are sitting and interested in the morning message.  She took Ms. Margarita’s coaching and leadership to heart and ran with it.  I am so proud of the turn-around in her class.

Along with the shout-outs, our Employees of the Month receive a gift certificate of their choosing and prime parking.  More rewards can also be awarded such as a partial day off, free training conference entrance fees (and still get paid for attending, lol), and others TBD.

Give them all a high five, a pat on the back or an attagirl!!!  They deserve it.


It is a state requirement to have results of hearing and vision testing for all 4 year olds on file at Kids’ Campus.  I will be reaching out to Ms. Caprice Dodds to set this testing up here at KCCC.  Permission slips will be sent out to those children who need testing.  Please sign and return the permission slip with any money owed.  This will cover both screenings for your child.  You will receive a copy of the results and if any further testing is required, you can contact your physician/pediatrician with any questions.  We will need the results of any follow-up testing for KCCC to stay in compliance.

Stay tuned to brightwheel for the date and more information.


· PLEASE remember to sign your children in and out on the tablet in the front hall.  We realize that internet and tablet battery life is sketchy and if you cannot get them checked out, please let a teacher know so that we can make sure they are checked out.

· PLEASE do not let children climb on or unlock the gate!  We teach them to wait at the yellow line for safety, and only an adult opens the gate.  If you allow them to open it, it makes it harder for us to keep them safe!  We appreciate you enforcing this important rule we have.

· Whether you bring other children with you or pick up one child and move to the next classroom, we respectfully ask that you always keep your children with you.  We cannot have children, enrolled or not, by themselves on the playground and running in the hallways.

· With the weather getting warmer, the classes will be staying outside longer and will be allowed to play in the water tubs or water trough or do outside painting.  You can expect dirtier faces and some wet clothes, however, the teachers will do their best to get them “presentable” to be picked up.

· Please check your child’s extra clothes to make sure they haven’t outgrown them and have clothes appropriate for the weather.

· If your child has worn home clothes from Kids’ Campus, please return them.  We have plenty of shirts and pants, but underwear, shorts and shoes are in short supply. 


Kids’ Campus would like to wish Happy Birthday to:

McKenzie Rhodes April 7              4 years old!

McKinley Rhodes April 7              4 years old!

Jaxon Garcia                April 7              9 years old!

Karsyn Eldridge            April 24            1 YEAR OLD!

Hunter Flash                April 24            10 years old!

Paisleigh Loftin             April 25            1 YEAR OLD!




Shawn Wagner                                                     

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