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April 2023

Updated: Mar 6

April 2023 HOLIDAY & IN-SERVICE KCCC will be closed Friday, April 7, 2023, in observance of Good Friday. The staff and I would like to wish you a very happy Easter! April 14, 2023, we will also be closed for Kids’ Campus Spring Conference (Training day). I have a team from Collaborative for children coming in the morning to give teachers and staff training titled “Strong From the Start”. I attended this training last summer and it is fantastic! I understand that this is an inconvenience for you, however, we will use this time wisely learning new tips and tricks for the classroom, team building, giving back to the wonderful team that loves your child/children, and getting to know each other without the Ms. or Mr. in front of our names.

My team and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your support and understanding! EGG HUNT Each class will have an Easter Egg Hunt on Thursday, April 6th. Each child will need to bring 1 dozen plastic eggs filled with wrapped candy OR trinkets. Parents, it would be most helpful to tape the eggs closed. You may send your child with a basket WITH HIS/HER NAME CLEARLY VISISBLE this year as long as there is no “grass” or filler in the basket. If you don’t have a basket, KCCC has some to share. Please have your eggs here no later than Wednesday in order for the teachers to ensure that eggs are gathered, taped, counted, and checked for Thursday! You are welcome to join us, we ask that you arrive on time because these egg hunts go very fast and are over before you know it.

The SugarBabies through the Sour Patch Kids will have their hunt starting with the younguns at 9:30. The MilkyWays and Snickers will have their hunts at 2:30. BOOK ORDERS Scholastic book orders are in your mailboxes this week. If you would like to order, please turn in your order form and payment by Wednesday, April 12th. And remember, you can order online at and use the class code M9CMD. HEARING & VISION It is a state requirement to have results of hearing and vision testing for all 4-year-olds on file at Kids’ Campus. I will be reaching out to Ms. Caprice Dodds to set this testing up here at KCCC. Permission slips will be sent out to those children who need testing. Please sign and return the permission slip with any money owed. This will cover both screenings for your child. You will receive a copy of the results and if any further testing is required, we will need those results ASAP! Stay tuned to Brightwheel for the date and more information.



Please do not let children climb on or unlock the gate! We teach them to wait at the yellow line for safety, and only an adult opens the gate. If you allow them to open it, it makes it harder for us to keep them safe! We appreciate you enforcing this important rule we have. · Whether you bring other children with you or pick up one child and move to the next classroom, we respectfully ask that you keep your children with you at all times. We cannot have children, enrolled or not, by themselves on the playground and running in the hallways.



With the weather getting warmer, the classes will be staying outside longer and will be allowed to play in the water tubs or water troughs (when a new one is purchased). You can expect dirtier faces and some wet clothes, however, the teachers will do their best to get them “presentable” to be picked up. · If your child has worn home clothes from Kids’ Campus, please return them. We have plenty of shirts and pants, but underwear, shorts, and shoes are in short supply. It is also a good time to check your child’s extra clothes. They may be too warm or they may have out-grown them.



Fire Drill: Tuesday, March 28th

Storm Drill: Wednesday, March 29th

Shelter in Place: Thursday, March 30th

Intruder/Volatile Person:



Kids’ Campus would like to wish Happy Birthday to:


Birth Date


Wyatt McKnight

April 3rd

 6 years old

Jaxon Garcia

April 7th

9 years old

Lane Anderson

April 8th

11 years old

Brooklyn Rojas

April 10th

9 years old

Kinley Snow

April 13th

9 years old

Jaxon Short

April 16th

2 years old

Hayes Harrison

April 24th

4 years old

Hunter Flash

April 24th

10 years old

Brayci Martin

April 25th

7 years old

Azlynn Bridwell

April 28th

 6 years old

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